Getting Ready for Your Washer/Dryer Installation

Is it about time to replace your old washer and dryer? If you’re ready for a newer, more dependable and efficient laundry setup, don’t make the mistake of going in without a plan. Not all washers and dryers are built the same, and there are a few logistical matters you’ll want to have figured out before investing in new appliances. The biggest questions to consider when choosing your new washer and dryer are:

  • Will they fit in your laundry area?
  • Do you have the necessary connections (gas, electric, water) for the type of machines you want to buy?

Follow these steps to ensure that you don’t buy a washer and dryer that you can’t use. Make sure that you’ve done each step before you commit to purchasing either machine.

Measure your laundry area

Just because your current washer and dryer fit in the area now doesn’t mean your new ones will be the same size. It’s important to write down clear measurements of how much space you have to work with. This includes accounting for any shelving or cabinetry you have in the area. Knowing these measures will prevent you from buying a machine that doesn’t fit in your home, and they will also help you decide on how you can arrange the machines when installed. Remember to plan for 6-inches of space behind each machine to keep gas, water, and electric connections safe.

Check your connections

Just like if you buy a washer or dryer that’s too big for your space, if you don’t have the appropriate connections for your new machines then they’re going back to the store. Different washing machines generally require the same connections, but depending on what kind of dryer you’re getting, you’ll need different setups.

Gas dryer connections

  • Standard 110-volt 3-prong electrical outlet
  • Metal gas connection with working shut-off valve, located directly behind the appliance
  • Ventilation line, within 4 feet of the appliance and ventilating outside of the building

Electric dryer connections

  • 220-volt electrical outlet, 3-pronged in older homes or 4-pronged in newer homes
  • Not all electric dryers need a ventilation line, but if yours does then be sure it’s within 4 feet of the appliance

Washing machine connections

  • Corrosion-free functional water shut-off valve with metal connection
  • Drain line within 4 feet of the appliance with hot and cold faucets

Measure space for appliance doors

Whether your washer and dryer doors open upwards or from the side, you’ll need room for those doors to swing open. This, of course, avoids the problem of buying an appliance you can’t use. It also helps in planning how you will arrange your washer and dryer

Make sure you can get the appliance into your home

Laundry areas are generally tucked away in most homes, so this means that there could be a long path to travel before your washer and dryer make it to their designated spots. Be sure to measure the width of your path from the door to the laundry area to prevent an embarrassing waste of time when the crew comes to move it into your home. Especially take note of doorways, counters, handrails, and any other features in the path that can’t be temporarily moved out of the way.

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