Hydro Jetting & Picotte

Bison Plumbing offers expert hydro jetting services to clear drains effectively. Using high-pressure water streams, we remove stubborn clogs, grease, and tree roots. Trust us for a thorough cleaning solution and optimal plumbing performance.

What Is Hydro Jetting & Why Do I Need It?

Hydro jetting, increasingly popular for long-term drain cleaning, is the go-to solution when mechanical rods fail to clear tough blockages like grease, roots, or mineral deposits. With water pressure ranging from 3000 to 35,000 PSI, hydro jetters effectively clean lines up to 210 feet, surpassing the limitations of standard equipment. For lines with heavy scale or rust, we employ Picote machines, specialized devices that scrape and clean inner walls to a near factory finish using specialty blades and attachments.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting for Homeowners

Thorough Cleaning: Clears stubborn clogs and debris for optimal flow and prevents future blockages.

Long-Term Protection: Provides lasting results, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and costly repairs.

Peace of Mind: Ensures your plumbing system is clean and functioning properly, offering confidence in your home’s infrastructure.

Safe and Eco-Friendly: Uses high-pressure water instead of chemicals, promoting pipe health and environmental friendliness.

Healthier Home: Removes bacteria buildup, contributing to a hygienic living environment for your family.

Advantages of Picote Service for Your Home

Unlock Smooth Flow: Say goodbye to sluggish drains with our effective descaling solutions.

Prevent Costly Emergencies: Stay ahead of plumbing issues and save on repairs with regular maintenance.

Tailored Solutions: Our versatile equipment ensures thorough cleaning for all types of pipes in your home.

Eco-Friendly Care: Opt for environmentally conscious methods that prioritize your family’s well-being.

Enjoy Peace of Mind: Experience improved drainage and uninterrupted flow for a hassle-free home environment.

Complete Vactoring & Hydro Jetting Services

Every hydro jetter or Picote, successfully performed by Bison Plumbing, includes:

For extensive parking lot drains, we utilize large jetting and vactoring equipment for efficient solutions. Our team prioritizes expediting the process to restore your parking lot promptly.

Bison Plumbing offers comprehensive residential plumbing services in Michigan, handling repairs and replacements. Enjoy free estimates and personalized service. Schedule your appointment today, and experience the difference – because at Bison, we treat you like family. That’s no bull!

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