Increase Your Homes Value with Plumbing Fixture Upgrades

Every homeowner would like to increase their property’s value and see some gains on such a substantial investment, but not everyone has the budget to make large-scale upgrades. If you’re looking for a way to add value to your home without breaking the bank, then you should look into upgrading your plumbing fixtures. It’s a simple, quick, and relatively low-cost way to pump up your home’s value, and it will make your home more convenient and better looking while you’re still living in it. We have some ideas for you if upgrading plumbing fixtures sounds like a smart move for your home.

Limit your home’s water usage with simple upgrades

While upgrading to any newer model of fixtures is sure to add some value to your home, a big ticket in the housing market for many homebuyers is an environmentally friendly home. When it comes to plumbing fixtures, you can greatly reduce your home’s water consumption with environmentally friendly plumbing fixtures even if you consciously limit your water usage already. The advantage doesn’t just go to the environment, you’ll see a noticeable change in your water bill, too.

Change to a low-flow showerhead

No matter how quickly you shower, the amount of water your showerhead uses per second is an area where you can shave off even more water usage. You may expect that with a low-flow showerhead comes poor water pressure, but that’s not always true. There are low flow models that allow you to adjust the water pressure to as high as you would like while still using the same low amount of water. Plus, the look of your showerhead can make a real impact on the overall look of your bathroom, so a brand-new showerhead would help with that as well.

Replace your old toilet with one that’s more efficient

Toilets are some of the biggest water-wasting fixtures in your home, and it’s not like a sink where you just have to remember not to leave the water running. Older models of toilets may be using 5 full gallons for each flush, which adds right up over time. If you replace that toilet with a newer energy-efficient toilet, then the gallons per flush can drop to 1.5. That’s a huge difference in your impact on the environment and on your water bill.

New kitchen and bathroom fixtures make a big difference

When you’ve made your home ‘greener’ with energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, you can turn your attention to better-looking and performing plumbing fixtures elsewhere. You can find low-flow sinks that will help environmentally, but the biggest difference you’ll make is an inconvenience and looks. This is your chance to replace that sink that keeps leaking no matter what you do, or the tired, old countertop it’s attached to. Using newer, fresher materials can transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom, upping your home’s value.

Bison Plumbing | We’ll upgrade your plumbing fixtures

Some people think that increasing the value of your home requires a long tiresome process, but that’s not true. At Bison Plumbing, we can upgrade your plumbing fixtures with a simple, easy, and quick process that’s guaranteed to keep you happy. Our experienced professionals know plumbing fixtures well, and they’ll be kind and courteous while working in your home.

If you want an estimate on upgrades or you just want to know more about our process, give us a call at (586) 209-2947 or send in an online contact form!

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