Is it Time to Replace or Repair your Sewer Line?

With your sewer line buried in the ground, you might think that it’s tough to recognize the signs that it needs maintenance before a major disaster occurs. Also, it’s not a part of our homes that we like to think about a lot. But there are some clear signs that your sewer line needs maintenance, and if you can spot them, then you could save yourself plenty of money and trouble.

Patches of soggy lawn

If your lawn has some areas that are sagging with water or new areas that have raised up, this could be from water that has leaked from the sewer line to flood those spots. It’s important to catch this quick as leaks will get worse over time.

Drains working slower

If drains in your home have noticeably slowed down, your sewer line could be the culprit. Clogs in the sewer line don’t always happen all at once, they can build up over time. A slowing drain is a sign that there could be a clog forming in the sewer line that can lead to a backup if it isn’t fixed.

Sewage smells

Any smells of sewage odor should be directed away from your home by sewage vents. If you can smell a sewage odor, then that means that your sewer line is no longer sealed and there is likely a leak somewhere.

Blockages or backups

This is a clear sign that something is wrong with your sewer line. If your fixtures, like toilets and sinks, a backup when you use them, then there is a blockage somewhere down the line. If the problem isn’t in your drainpipes, then it’s likely in your sewer line.

Areas of thicker or healthier grass

It can seem like a good thing that your grass has suddenly begun growing more strongly, but there could be a serious underlying problem. When sewage leaks, the nutrients can be absorbed by your grass, making it grow better in some areas.

Pools of sewage

You wouldn’t need to read an article to tell you that this is a problem, but we thought we’d include it in the spirit of due diligence. Of course, if sewage has pooled in your yard you need to call a plumber immediately.

Bison Plumbing | Experienced plumbers, and “that’s no bull”

Sewer lines are buried for a reason, we don’t want to think about them. We want to make sure that your sewer line doesn’t cause you any problems, so let us help you out if you notice any of these signs. We’re here for your convenience, that’s why we specialize in “no-dig” sewer and drain repairs—ask us about our process!

If you need a sewer line replaced or repaired, give us a call now at (586) 204-6576 or fill out an online contact form for a quote on our services.

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