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Dear Bison Plumbing Owners & Management,

A few weeks ago (November 2022), the sewer line between the house and the city’s main line become blocked by tree roots which caused a nasty backup into the basement. I went online, found Bison Plumbing, and called to see if you could help. Somehow, someway, you were able to come out the next day and unblock the line enough so that we could shower and maintain normalcy until we learned more. Since this is a 60-year-old home, I requested a thorough review of the sewer line and scheduled a hydro-jetting. 

On December 3rd, two professionals from Bison Plumbing arrived for the hydro-jetting and inspection – as scheduled and on time. They conducted a thorough cleaning and inspection of the sewer line and also snaked out a problematic bathroom sink. 

So, what’s so special about your organization and why am I rating you at the very top? Here are a few reasons.

  • Expeditious, honest, and professional service. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe my initial communications were with Vern and Laura. They never sugar-coated anything from the very first call. We called, we scheduled specific dates and times for services and your professional staff members arrived as expected on time on both occasions. The heads-up text with the picture of the professional who would be arriving to perform the services was both thoughtful and helpful.
  • Outstanding professionals. Rick A and Brenden H were the professionals who performed the hydro-jetting and inspection. They were a great team with positive attitudes and sound work ethics. Throughout the entire process, they explained what they were doing, and what they were discovering and answered all our questions.
  • Conscientious care for our property. Both professionals wore protective equipment to ensure our home stayed clean through the entire process. I also noticed that they kept their equipment clean as well. Management and ownership don’t get to see that, but customers certainly do. 

I don’t write many reviews and I certainly don’t take the time to write one like this unless I was thoroughly impressed. I was. Exceptional service is not the norm and, in my opinion, it doesn’t happen unless ownership, management, and the employees are effectively communicating and operating within a corporate culture based on honesty, integrity, and a comprehensive work ethic. People notice and they do remember.

On behalf of everyone in the entire household, thank you for a job well done. All of us will be sure to let others know about our positive experience with Bison Plumbing.

Best Regards, 

Ken B

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