When to Know to Repair or Replace Your Sump Pump

When it rains a lot, you need your sump pump to keep your basement from flooding.  Your sump pump gathers excess water from drains and distributes it away from the house, usually in a basin on the basement floor.  A good sump pump should last at least ten years.  However, because your sump pump only operates when it is required, it may go unnoticed for weeks at a time.

Remember that during spring showers or summer thunderstorms, your sump pump is at its busiest.  Here are some basic signals to look for before the next big storm to prevent sump pump failure and basement flooding.

Ensure Backup Power Works Properly

Even if your sump is working properly, a strong rainstorm might quickly take out your power and leave it useless.  You might be able to use a rechargeable battery pack to keep your sump pump working for a few hours during a power outage if you haven’t already invested in a generator.  In fact, many current sump pump systems come with a built-in battery backup system as standard equipment.  You can consider a battery-powered backup sump pump in case your pump fails or requires assistance.

Sump Pump Cycle Frequently Turns On and Off

The basin of your sump pump may be too small to manage the level of water in your basement if it cycles on and off regularly.  Overworking it may cause your motor to burn out, so consider investing in a deeper basin to guarantee that your sump pump is only turned on when it’s needed.  A sump pump basin of 20 to 30 gallons, rather than the five-gallon variety, can be installed by your plumber.  While a larger basin needs a wider hole in your basement floor, it is far less expensive than replacing your sump pump every few years.

Sump Pump Constantly Runs

If your sump pump operates for many minutes at a time, it’s possible that it’s underpowered for the volume of water it’s handling or the distance it needs to push it.  If one of these thresholds is surpassed, the pump is required to run indefinitely.  Sump pumps are sized in terms of the amount of water they can pump per hour (GPH).  To avoid breakdowns, consider upgrading to a bigger model with a greater GPH and greater efficiency.  Your plumber can help you figure out how much water your sump pump needs to manage if you’re not sure.

Noticeable Water Leakage in the Basement

When there’s a strong downpour, your sump pump works overtime, but it also works when water seeps into your basement due to ground pressure, melting snow, or leaky pipes.  While sump pumps cannot prevent water from entering your house, their primary function is to drain water from your basement.  If you’ve observed more puddling or pooling water on your basement floor, it’s likely that your pipes are leaking or that your sump pump isn’t working properly.  Your plumber can decide whether to repair or replace it, but to avoid water damage in your basement, you’ll need a properly operating sump pump.

Trust the Professionals with Replacing or Repairing Sump Pumps

So, if you think you need sump pump repairs or a full sump pump replacement and aren’t sure what to do about it, call Bison Plumbing and have one of our plumbers come out and give a full sump pump inspection for you.  One of the last things you need during a storm is for your sump pump – designed to help stormwater pass through – to become dysfunctional and cause flooding or other unnoticeable disasters in your home.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before you give us a call.  Catch the issue today by having our Bison plumbers fix it right up for you – and that’s no bull!

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